Panasonic PC18HKF 220-240 Volt 50 Hertz 18000 BTU Split Air Conditioner Specifications:
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

General Information
Indoor Model Number: CS-PC18HKF
Outdoor Model Number: CU-PC18HKF
Cooling Capacity
Indoor : 5.28
Indoor 18,000
EER : 9.05/8.78
Moisture Removal: 2.9,6.1
Air Circulation (Indoor/High)
(Cooling) : 15.8
(Cooling) : 558.0
Healthy Air Quality Features
Advanced e-ion Air Purifying System: No
New Patrol Sensor: No
Super Alleru-Buster Filter: Optional
Odour-Removing Function: Yes
Removable, Washable Panel: Yes
Comfortable Features
Inverter Control: No
Quiet Mode: No
Powerful Mode: No
Soft Dry Operation Mode: No
Wide & Long Airflow Vane: No
Personal Airflow Creation: No
Airflow Direction Control (Up & Down): Yes
Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control: Yes
Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling): Yes
Product Dimensions

Indoor -
Width: 998.0
Height: 275.0
Depth: 230.0

Outdoor -
Width: 780.0
Height: 540.0
Depth: 289.0

Width: 39-9/16
Height: 10-27/32
Depth: 9-1/16

Outdoor -
Width: 30-23/32
Height: 21-9/32
Depth: 11-13/32
Product Weight

Net Weight -
Indoor: 11.0
Outdoor: 39.0

Net Weight -
Indoor: 24
Outdoor: 86
Rated Voltage: 220/240V

Running Current-
Cooling: 9.8/10.0A
Indoor (Cooling): 1,990/2050W
Technical Features
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter-
Liquid Side : 6.35
Liquid Side : 1/4
Gas Side : 12.70
Gas Side : 1/2

Pipe Extension-
Charge less Pipe Length : 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length (Additional gas may be required for some models): 25.0
Maximum Elevation Length : 20.0
Additional Refrigerant Gas : 20.0
Power Supply

Indoor Convenient Features-
24-Hour ON & OFF Real Setting Timer: Yes
12-Hour ON & OFF Real Setting Timer: No
LCD Wireless Remote Controller: Yes
Self-Diagnostic Function: No
Reliable Features
Auto Restart: No
Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns): Yes
Blue Fin Condenser: Yes
Long Piping (Numbers indicate the maximum pipe length): 25m
Top-Panel Maintenance Access: Yes

Panasonic CS-PC18HKF(CU-PC18HKF) 18000 btu split system
18,000 Btu/h, 5.28kW
Super Tropical Compressor
Powerful Cooling Even at 55°C
Super Alleru-Buster(Optional)
Standard Model
25m Long Piping
Powerful Cooling Even at 55°C
Cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55°C. In consideration of the severe temperature conditions in desert regions of the Middle East, units feature a highly durable compressor and fan motor to maintain room comfort even under the hottest conditions.
Blue Fin Condensor
An Air Conditioner's performance depends largely on its condenser, which can take a beating from exposure to salty air, wind, dust and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has found a way to triple the life of our condensers, using a layer of our original anti-rust coating. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.
Super Alleru-Buster Filter (Optional)
The Super alleru-buster filter combines three effects in one - anti allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria protection - to keep room air clean and healthy

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